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AF Buckle Nº3 + fine leather belt strap

AF Buckle Nº3 + fine leather belt strap

In house designed and crafted artisanal buckle with finest whole grain Spanish leather belt.

(Incl. 21% tax)
Leather Colour:

Buckle Material:



Buckle Nº3 is a very light buckle. It has a super interesting texture that was added giving it a decorative touch like scars across the surface. I personally have one of these with a brass buckle and dark brown belt strap. I use it all the time.  The embossed belt combines perfectly with scars across the metalic surface of the buckle to give continuity from buckle to leather strap.

This is the only belt I offer this embossed design here at the online shop, however if you would like this kind of belt strap but with a different buckle you've seen here get in contact with me in contacts and we can make it happen.

Each buckle is hand polished in my workshop. Some are more rounded, others are a little bit rougher or squarer. The aim is that each buckle has it's own personality. Belt straps are hand dyed giving the leather a special look as the colour is slightly irregular which reflects the light in a more interesting and charming way.

Buckles come in 3 different versions:
  •  stirling silver
  •  solid brass with silver plate finish
  •  solid brass
All buckles are designed in house and are cast in Barcelona. I personally hand polish and finish every single one.

For the belts I employ full grain Spanish vegetable tanned leather. I hand cut and dye all the straps personally in my small workshop in the heart of Barcelona, a space open to visitors all year round.

Standard belts are made to a thickness of 2’5 to 3 mm.

Belts are cut to size according to the information given at the time of purchase.
Please read guidance when purchasing to get the right size.

AF Buckle Nº3 is designed for a leather belt stap that is 4 centimetres wide.
I believe in absolute transparency as far as pricing is concerned and therfore I would like you to have at your disposal a breakdown of the pricing of the item you are currently viewing.

Buckles pricing

  • Solid silver 45 grams.              149 euros

  • Solid brass with silver plate.     95 euros

  • Solid brass                              78   euros

Leather straps pricing 

  • Standard leather belt strap.        110 euros

Extras to be added

  • XL belt extra cost.                      11 euros

  • Black dye colour extra cost.         11 euros

  • Simple embossed design extra cost.  45 euros

On average materials would account for around 20% of costs with the exception of solid silver buckles or exotic skins where it is much higher. The rest, 80%, is related to labour costs, the cost of renting the workshop, tools, their replacements and/or maintenence. Not forgetting 21% vat and other taxes.

All items are assigned with their own unique number code and registered in the book of sales to the person who has purchased it.

I guarantee my work against all premature defects arising from a responsible use of my products and will be happy to repair items that have not performed as expected for free. (I don’t cover shipping though.)

Please note:
Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium exact colours and patterns may vary slightly from the images shown.

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Sizing Guide


How to Select Belt Width

1 cm to 2.5 cm wide tend to be worn mostly by women over their dresses at waist or hip or with smart trousers, carefully coordinated with the clothes chosen adorning the outfit. Be suspicious if your boyfriend were to borrow one of these thin belts as most men consider these to be too feminine.

3 cm to 3.5 cm tend to be used as a multi-purpose belt for trousers and jeans. For those who only want to own one belt or the habitual jet-setter who travels light.

4 cm would be usually used on jeans or informal trousers with big loops such as baggy pants. If you don’t want to buy one steal it from you partner or brothers but be prepared for a fight.

4.5 cm to 5 cm is the largest size that will fit through the loops of jeans or other such trousers. For those that want to make a statement with a big belt and the big buckle. 5 cm belts also look good over a longer white shirt at the waist.

6 cm and over would be a type of corset belt to go over a shirt or dress at the waist. For a confident women who wants to stand out and make a statement.

How to Measure Belt Length


How to Select Belt Width

1 cm to 2.5 cm wide tend to be viewed as too thin and therefore feminine for all but the most self confident boys.

3 cm is the classic suit trouser belt used with all smart trousers. Usually combined with thin elongated buckles for a sleek elegant look for those who value a smart sharp look. 3 cm can also be combined with more rustic buckles especially in brass for a more informal scruffy preppy look.

3.5 cm is the most versatile belt size that would be for all occasions. Thin enough to fit through the loops of suit trousers and wide enough to look ok on a pair of jeans. Good to pair with a versatile buckle which will allow you to use it for all occasions. For the minimalist who only owns one belt. Also a great travel belt for the travel light jet-setter.

4 cm is the classic winner for jeans, your weekend belt and best friend, worn in with its own patina, can cause heartache when it comes to finding an adequate replacement. This is the belt women don’t tend to buy and then steal from their partners, when they are off guard. So be wary when storing it in your wardrobe.

4.5 cm is a slightly bigger belt for jeans. Looks good with solid chunky buckles especially ones with double prongs*. A good belt to buy, once you have enough 4 cm belts in your collection.

5 cm tends to be the widest belt found in men's wardrobes. Often seen with a big oval buckle western style but a large rustic vintage style buckle would also look very 'macho'. Recommended if your a drugs kingpin, very tall or just like to make a statement from time to time.

How to Measure Belt Length

Orders, Purchase & Shipping

How can I pay?

If you came to the shop, you can pay by Credit Card and cash. For purchases online I favour PayPal, although bank transfer is also accepted. On occasion I have accepted bitcoin, although its volatility makes payment more complicated.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
How do you ship and how is shipping charged?
How can I cancel and/or return my order?

For internet purchases there is a 14 day cooling off period. Returns must be made within 14 days of receiving the product. Monogrammed and custom made objects cannot be returned.

How do I get my article repaired? How should I return an Alexis Fasoli product?
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In the heart of Barcelona I carefully craft hand made products for special people that want to stand out. Unique one offs made by myself. Only a handful of items produced every year for the fortunate few that get to own an 'af'.



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